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Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers
by Marcy Axness, PhD


How wonderful it is that Marcy Axness, PhD has delved into the profoundly emotional and intricately scientific sides of conception and parenting, presenting it all in a valid, clear and often light-hearted manner. Her intuitive and scientific research unfolds seamlessly in the crucially important message that it really is possible to “hardwire” our children for peace. Bringing a child into the world and helping him or her to truly thrive is so much more than a dream, and Axness has the formula to support readers in that goal.

Axness plants the seeds for an awakened generation. The inspired result would be a shift in consciousness toward respecting each life stage and bringing awareness toward what is essential to physical, emotional and spiritual growth, both individually as well as collectively. 

This book is such a pleasure to read. It excites and motivates, affirms and inspires. You will be empowered, and sustain your empowerment. You may even find the answers you never knew you were looking for! - Ashley Ess



All the Way to the Ocean
by Joel Harper


A modest story with a global message, All the Way to the Ocean is an important children’s book aimed at teaching kids how bad littering is and that “all drains lead to the ocean.”

A clean, easy read with cartoon-like illustrations, this book is the story of one young boy telling his friend that litter on the street ends up in storm drains and when it rains it gets pushed out to the ocean. The story goes on to explain that our oceans and all the creatures therein are becoming sick from humanity’s lack of respect for where our trash goes.  It teaches about runoff and storm drains, sea turtle lunches and National Geographic Kids.

Activist and author Joel Harper’s book is the kind you read and read to your kids and when they’ve had enough, you could pass it along to a school library so many children can hear its wisdom. - Joli Forbes



Hungry Monkey
by Matthew Amster-Burton


Full of adventurous recipes and funny personal anecdotes, this light, fun read is a must-have for parents who enjoy life out of the box. Rich recipes such as Duck Ragu and Stacked Green Chili Enchiladas are a couple of the many dishes author Matthew Amster-Burton makes and enjoys with his young daughter, Iris. This is the story of “a food loving father’s quest to raise an adventurous eater.”

According to the author’s introduction, “it’s the book (he) wish(ed) someone handed (him) before Iris was born.” He goes on to explain, “… there are two simple rules to take a lot of the stress out of feeding kids, and that it’s okay to feed a baby sushi and spicy enchiladas” and the second rule is you do not have to dumb down your menu to enjoy meals with children. Very useful information indeed! - Joli Forbes

Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story
by Sydney Solis, RYT


This is a remarkable “how-to” book for teaching parents and educators how to enjoy the ritual and practice of yoga with little ones.  Author Sydney Solis is a wonderful writer and an intuitive educator who learned early on that yoga is for the body and the mind; and by honoring the ancient way of storytelling while passing on the habits of meditative quiet time, exercise and storytelling we are also teaching our children a healthy and full way of life.

Within the book you’ll find story ideas from around the world (with their big-picture meanings!), yoga poses, games, some silly photos of children practicing yoga and in the back you’ll even find sheet music for songs called “Namaste,” “The Breathing Song,” and “I Am Love.” - Joli Forbes


The Supernatural Kids Cookbook
by Nancy Mehagian


Simple ingredients and simple recipes are the focus of this healthy family cookbook. Aiming to make healthy food accessible to everyone, this book makes simple small talk about nutrition while teaching you how to make simply delicious recipes like Zany Zucchini Bread and Cheesy Papas.

Wild child and health food restaurant maven Nancy Mehagian opened the first vegetarian eatery in Ibiza, Spain in 1969 and has been adventuring in the border-free lands of Culinaria ever since! Her flavor choices are international and the recipes (while not being too complicated) are unique, wholesome and nourishing.

There is a glossary of terms and a couple pages of kitchen equipment illustrations for fledgling chefs as well as a section called “Extras” which offers necessary information like “how to cook brown rice” and how to make healthy doggy treats! Also now available is the Special Edition to this cookbook that includes more wonderful recipes and food-inspired coloring pages for kids. - Joli Forbes


The Family Kitchen Garden
by Karen Liebreich, Jutta Wagner and Annette Wendland


This might be the most usefully laid-out gardening book on the market. The subtitle says it all “How to Plant, Grow, and Cook Together.” This enlightening book is chockfull of family wisdoms, know how, and beautiful photographs. Imparting life’s lessons to children and parents, the authors riddled the book with advice from the garden as it applies to everyday family teachings.

Starting with a brief yet informative education section (crop protection, soil, climate and position, etc.) the second portion is laid out as a month-by-month “how to.” So each month has the following sections: Sow Now, Plant Now, Do Now, Harvest Now and Eat Now. Culminating with a chapter each on veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers this book is much more than a how to. This book offers old-world family advice such as how to build a ladybug house and how to find Zen-like mental space while teaching to the little ones. - Joli Forbes

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