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It’s Easy to be Green: Five Easy Laundry Tips 

by Kimberly Webb

When it comes to cleaning today’s cloth diapers, forget what you've been told about cloth diapers of year’s past. Don’t automatically think, “I’ll bleach it.” Doing so is bad for your cloth diapers, clothes, baby’s skin and the environment. Instead, try these green laundry tips for getting the stain (and stink) out of your modern cloth diapers: 

Use Warm Water: Switch the rinse and wash cycles on your machine to warm instead of cold. Stains are created at 98.5 degrees F, so the best way to prevent them from setting in is to rinse them at a similar, warm temperature. 

Pre-Treat: Be sure to use a pre-treater. Add a little water to your powered detergent to create a paste, and then apply it directly to the stain. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before laundering. This will prevent you from having to wash and then re-wash your cloth diapers (not too green)! 

Lay/Hang Out in the Sun: For really stubborn stains, try laying them out in the sun to dry! It’s a time-old trick that truly just works and doesn’t cost a thing to do. In these hot summer months you may also want to consider giving your dryer a break by hanging your clothes on a line to dry. Hanging your clothes can be a meditative practice and will teach your children one more way mother nature can help us easily conserve energy. 

Soften ‘Em: One way to naturally soften your cloth diaperes – and clothes – is by using a 100% wool dryer ball. These balls fluff your laundry, cut your dryer time in half (good for the electric bill), and last forever. Keep a few on hand so you can use a few in each wash (they work well when they bounce off each other in the dryer!) No need for a fabric softener sheet – so you’ll save money too! 

Consolidate: To save time and get your diapers truly clean, wash all your cloth diapers, reusable wipes and washable diaper pail together in one load. Another way to save energy when you don’t need your diapers immediately is to hang them to dry on a clothes line or over the shower rod and skip the dryer altogether.


Kimberly Webb is the CEO and founder of Rockin' Green, a clean-rinsing laundry detergent that is specifically formulated for cloth diapers and can be used on all fabrics. For more information or to contact Kimberly, please visit


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