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Who’s Your Daddy? Bonding with Baby Is Not Just for Mama Anymore!

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This week, the topic comes from a reader (Yay! Send me your questions ladies!).

What are some good ways to include daddy in bonding if I am solely breastfeeding?

bond·ing  n. a. The formation of a close human relationship

Bonding is a process, and it doesn’t necessarily have to happen within a certain time frame after birth. For many parents, bonding is a result of everyday care giving.

For nursing mothers, we already have a leg up. When a baby suckles, the mother's neurons respond by putting out the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love drug. Men just can’t compete with that, leaving many fathers feeling distanced and irrelevant.

But fathers are very important to their babies, and they can and should play an important role in nurturing their breastfed babies. Since the early weeks of parenthood are filled with learning what a new baby likes and dislikes, both parents can learn together. Here are some ideas.

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Must-Have Cleaning Essentials for a Healthy Home

by Rachel Myers

As a green mama on a budget, I strive to teach people that often what we think we can’t live without are actually products that we should never be living with. Chemicals, plastics and toxins in our everyday products are unfortunate obstacles that we need to learn to navigate.

Babies explore the world with hands feet and mouths. It is essential that what they are touching has been cleaned with toxic free products so they are not ingesting it through their skin and lungs. I strongly believe that there should not be a cabinet or drawer in your home containing products so toxic, that if your child got into them, you would have to call 911! If it isn’t ok to get into, why would you spread it around your home?


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Peaches: Celebrating Summer's Bounty with Urban Farmer Angela Price

by Angela Price

I am sitting on my back patio watching the hens peck around the yard.  Daisy, the alpha hen, lowers herself to the ground and gracefully stretches out a wing to take advantage of the sun near the peach tree I planted a few years back.  Hens understand summer, I think.  We are so lucky to have this weather in Southern California.  Summer is a time for growing and harvesting, for slicing juicy tomatoes and picking the perfect peach.  The squirrels ate most of my peaches this summer, so I am forced to rely on the farmer’s market and the bi-weekly box of produce from the CSA. I am so excited when the box arrives at the front door.  I always wait a few minutes before I open it; it’s like a special gift.  Inside the box, past the lettuce and the cucumbers and an overly fragrant cantaloupe, I see them: 5 peaches!  They have the most beautiful color, orange and red and yellow, like little round sunsets. The cantaloupe wants to compete for the attention.  I am not terribly fond of them, so I exile it to the refrigerator.  Unfortunately, these peaches are not perfect.  The best peaches should be eaten out of hand with the sweet juice running down your chin and forearm. These peaches are a little bit hard with only a faint scent of stone fruit.

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