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SouLodge: Online E-Course Offers a Safe Place to Journey Within

Green Room Blog Special Section: Wisdom Workshops

by Joli Forbes

Photos by Stacy de la Rosa


I got out my journal and favorite pen, sat down with a quiet mind (and a quiet house!) and eagerly signed in. This was the first thing like this I’d ever done for myself… and I loved every minute of it… even though sometimes it was hard, sometimes I had to look stuff up (some definitions you’ll find here in case you need ‘em too!), and sometimes life made focusing a bit challenging… but I found a way to persevere because I’m worth it.

SouLodge is a sacred space for women to gather to learn about Earth Medicine, the Divine feminine experience and journey through our mind’s eye with the aid of ancient animal and plant wisdoms. (Earth Medicine is defined by The World Health Organization as “The medicine that refers to health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plant, animal and mineral based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises, applied singularly or in combination to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses or maintain well-being.”)

Creator and SouLodge.com guide, Pixie Campbell’s bio states, “she is a Magician, interested mostly in transforming what isn't working into wisdom: that which works.” That is what she’s teaching in SouLodge. She teaches us how to transform perspective by diving in, noticing, appreciating what we find, then clearing out and lovingly embracing all that is within the light and love that is us. Campbell is a writer, an artist, a teacher, and a wise woman who holds retreats and gatherings, writes and produces workshops and courses that are designed to reignite our connection to the earth, creativity, and the depths of our individual and collective souls.

My class’ animal totem was the Panther and we were doing fear-challenging shadow work. It is the kind of stuff nightmares are made from -- what am I afraid of? Why don’t I feel I’m good enough? Why aren’t my ideas taken seriously? What do I hide from? Deep, dark stuff.

I learned it was time to release my darkest story to the universe. I set it free to a group of strangers then to my friends and, while I was an emotional wreck through the writing process, I feel much clearer and without sadness about it now. I have also moved houses, changed patterns and shifted toward success and prowess. I am different now. And I am grateful.

Pixie Campbell will be launching an online painting course and “Self-Care the SouLodge Way.” And Campbell told me that the next Soulodge totem, while she remains elusive, will be a “certain fuzzy, hopping creature who teaches us to thrive by means of prolific and fertile creativity.”

SouLodge is an ongoing, Shamanic soul journeying “e-course retreat” that you can purchase on a month-by-month or yearly basis and learn about the journeywork associated with that time of the season. It touches on animal totems and guides, medicine wheel teachings, meditations, and includes links, live podcasts and downloads. This is an awakening experience available whenever you are ready… for $19 per month it’s a wonderful investment into self.

SouLodge.com and/or Etsy.com.

 Joli Selten Forbes is a Bamboo contributing editor, freelance writer, photographer and poet. She is a mother, dancer, gardener and foodie who instigates change in her home and community for what she calls the “Revolution of Consciousness” currently underway. She holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon who's professional bylines can be found at  yourdailythread.com, Flaunt, Shape, Bon Appétit, the LA Times, Press Democrat, Orange Coast Magazine, Minnesota Law & Politics, URB, and many other magazines and newspapers. She is also a regular volunteer for local organizations like Food Not Bombs and music/art festivals like Lightning in a Bottle.

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