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Non-Toxic Cleaning Alternatives for a Healthy, Balanced Home

by Leslie Reichert, the Cleaning Coach

So you’re working hard to keep body healthy. You’ve learned a lot about organic foods. You see a chiropractor to keep your body aligned and limber. And you may even use acupuncture to keep your body balanced. But what about your home? What are you doing to keep things at home as healthy and balanced as your body?  We don’t realize it but our homes are as polluted as the outside air in downtown New York City. Instead of exhaust fumes, your home is filled with toxic chemicals, which include the cleaning products you are using.

There are simple alternatives that will help you take the toxins out of your cleaning. You can start with the “basic 4” which includes baking soda, white distilled vinegar, salt and lemon juice.  Don’t get confused about what to use or how to mix them. These are all natural products -- it’s a very simple formula. You need to remember that each one has natural properties. For example baking soda is a great smell remover but also is a great lifter. This means if you have something that is difficult to remove – try using baking soda on it. The baking soda helps lift the dirt off, so you can wipe it away. Vinegar is a natural acid. It works great for disinfecting as it can kill 98% of bacteria. Mix the two together and you get a powerful combo that will help clean pots, pans and even the drain in the kitchen sink. 

There are also great new technologies that are available for cleaning. A new product that is now being sold in the US is a “Skoy” cloth, which is a substitute for paper towels. One of these biodegradable cloths is the equivalent to 15 ROLLS of paper towels. And they can last up to a YEAR. They are an incredible value for anyone that feels they use too many paper towels.

If you want to learn more about greening your cleaning you can go to www.greencleaningcoach.com where you can see a video that explains even more about green cleaning. If you would like a recipe and a free video on how to make the cleaner go to www.thejoyofgreencleaning.com. Take a step in the right direction and learn more about removing chemicals from your environment. Together we can change the world, one spray bottle at a time!

Leslie Reichert is known as a Green Cleaning Coach. She is a national lecturer, contributor to a The Daily Green, which is a Hearst publication, a frequent homekeeping expert on Martha Stewart Living Radio and author of the book: The Joy Of Green Cleaning- a handbook for DIY cleaners.

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I've watched a lot of advertisements about how our home can get so polluted without us knowing. Thank you for sharing this information.
Nov 16, 2011 at 6:06 PM | Unregistered CommenterVivian Kendricks

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