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Hoop Revolution’s Core Foundation CD and The Original EcoHoop

Hoop Revolution is an amazing company that has just developed a 100% all-recycled plastic hoop called The Original EcoHoop. I just finished using it with their Core Foundation hoop dance DVD. The hoop is very light and has an aluminum push button connector which is super recyclable and makes the hoop easy to travel with and to ship.

The cool thing is that this kind of workout creates and develops a skill, so you’re not just exercising, you’re learning cool festival tricks, while working your core… a recent mommy’s regular trouble spot!

As Hoop Dance pioneer Anah Reichenbach says during the introduction, hoop dance “Embraces pleasure and celebrates life” by shutting down our minds and opens us up to becoming playful with our bodies. She is an amazing dancer, with a stunningly fit body so I think she knows what she’s talking about. Together with “the Mother of the Modern Hoop Dance Revolution," Rayna McInturf, Raichenbach is going to help take my body to the place it once was and help me regain my self esteem as a firey woman, because this is the kind of workout I can do everyday in the living room when the baby’s asleep. Then I can take it to the streets. PERFECT!

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