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Henna Kits from Earth Henna

Cohabitating with an artistically inclined teenager means I find doodles and designs on all of her notebooks, shoes and jackets. She’s 18 now, so it also means there is a lot of talk about tattoos in our house. Before she turned 18 and was able to get a tattoo, she got into Henna designs and out the gate was a great freestyle designer.

Henna kits like this one are great for artistic expression, the ink is not permanent, and Henna is backed by a tradition rich with love, honor, and beauty. Teenagers can get their “tribal” on and they get to practice their skin art without using pen and markers!

Because she’s a pro who has used several kits, she did say that this kit’s Henna didn’t last as long as she would have liked but that might be perfect for the beginning artist.

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