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Divine Mama Bars

The perfect addition to a lactating woman’s diet, Divine Mama Bars are packed with healthy, milk-producing ingredients that can aid in maintaining milk supply. Divine Mama has created this yummy bar to replace the typical protein bars, which may be filled with unnecessary sugars or genetically-modified ingredients. The simple ingredients in Divine Mama Bars provide many of the vitamins and minerals, plus the protein and fiber, a breastfeeding mother needs. So how do these bars taste? Our testers give them a thumbs up! The chewy Datey Apricot Cashew Bar is a perfect blend of sweetness (but not too sweet!) and nuttiness. The Macnut Chocolate Chip Bar is a wonderful combination of nuts, chocolate and a hint of fruity sweetness. We love their fresh, healthy taste and the energy gained from eating them is such a blessing for a nursing mother. 

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