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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oil Blends

Don’t let their super-text heavy website deter you from diving into their olfactory genius! Flooded by old words and texts and poetry to define and describe each sent the website has hundreds of blends to come to know. This dark and lovely lab of alchemists creates sensual scents from ancient wisdoms with a gothic and medieval decadence.

I was sent a slew of oil blends to review and quite honestly there were a couple that so offended my palette I gave them straight away! People, including myself, have a specific taste and sensibility toward aromas… especially those that are wearable potions and perfumes.

However, I keep with me 3 that are perfectly suited to my tastes and personality: Morocco, Snake and Dorian oil blends are my choices so far, and when they’ve gone I will positively be trying some new ones! 

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