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Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen

We were admittedly very excited when we heard about Babo Botanicals’ Clear Zinc Sunscreen with no nano particles. We also admit we were skeptical. But this product has surpassed any of our expectations of what a good sunscreen should be. Not only is is effective against sunburn (30 SPF) but it is completely natural and safe for children. The formula goes on clear, so no worries about the white mask effect from most zinc sunscreens. Aided by the addition of organic oils, it absorbs quickly and soothes the skin … and it even has a pleasant scent. Another plus? Babo Botanicals zinc sunscreen is not greasy at all! This may just be the perfect sunscreen on the market … at least we will tout it as so!

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Hyland’s DEFEND Cold & Cough and DEFEND Sinus

Hyland’s is one of the most respected makers of homeopathic medicines. 100% natural and safe to use, DEFEND Cold & Cough is a wonderful alternative to chemical over-the-counter cold medicines. DEFEND is a multi-symptom formula that relieves cough, congestion and sore throat, without dangerous ingredients like Diphenhydramine, Dextromethorphan or Phenylephrine. DEFEND Sinus is perfect for sinus congestion and headaches. We found relief each time we used it, making us wonder what the need for those chemical medicines are!

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Child Life Essentials Liquid Multivitamins (for 6mos - 12yrs)

Because there is not as much nutritional content in our kids’ food anymore, it is becoming more and more recommended by health care professionals that parents supplement with vitamins and minerals. Child Life has an amazing line of nutritional supplements for all ages of infants and children and it is the orange and mango-flavored multivitamin that my child runs to the refrigerator for every other morning. Even my baby drinks it up enthusiastically … now that’s a good sign! Probiotics, toothpaste tablets, Liquid Calcium, Cod Liver Oil… these are just some of the wonderful products that should be in all our pantries and they are available at most health food stores and online.

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