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Wearever Pure Living Ceramic Cookware

Pure Living is truly a revolution in nonstick cookware. We were very excited to test this line of ceramic pots and pans, and admit some skepticism before it arrived. We wondered, how is ceramic nonstick cookware going to compete with the toxic Teflon products that are so prevalent today? Although we refused to use chemical-laden pans, we found it cumbersome to figure out ways so that our food didn’t stick. We figured that was just the way it was. That is, until we so joyfully discovered the beauty and ease of ceramic nonstick. Pure Living is the prefect alternative to toxic nonstick cookware. Here is a short list of all its advantages: dishwasher safe, eco-friendly, simple to clean, high-temperature-resistant, and PTOA-, PTFE- cadmium- and lead-free. Plus, it’s recyclable! We have been using this line for a while now and couldn’t be more happy and impressed.

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