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Macintosh Apple Candle from Celadon Road

We realize there are millions of candles on the market sold everywhere. We also realize that so many of them are scented with harsh, toxic chemicals derived from who-knows-where and do who-knows-what to our systems when we breathe them. Plus, how many times have you come across an apple candle that actually smells like an apple? Celadon Road has created a unique Macintosh Apple scented candle that is the real deal. No chemicals of any kind and we promise you it will not smell like the artificially-flavored and –colored “apple” candy that most candles end up smelling like. Celadon Road’s candles are made from soy and beeswax and their wicks do not contain lead or petroleum-based oils. Just like their awesome sugar scrub, this candle lingers with a yummy, natural scent, and filled our home and hearts with cozy autumn goodness!

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