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Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner

Branch Basics All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is the go-to all-natural whole-house cleaner! We are impressed by its many uses and helpful and clear directions on how to achieve each formula ... from kitchen/bath cleaner, stain and odor remover, window wash, laundry soap to, surprisingly, cuts/sunburn/acne treatment, pest control, lice remover and flea shampoo! Completely human-safe (read: won't send you to the hospital if accidentally ingested!), non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, each 32-ounce container of Branch Basics makes 6 all-purpose spray bottles or 64 loads of laundry, making it the perfect eco-conscious (and economical) choice. We loved that it didn't make our noses twitch and our eyes tear up -- after cleaning the entire house (did we mention that is kills bacteria, viruses and mold too?) we had no allergy symptoms and are happy to report all of the product's claims held up! Bravo!

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