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You readers already know that organic cotton undies are the way to go. You probably also know that kids love cute underpants! Our daughter loves to show her bootie to us each morning and by showing us the cutie-patootie underpants she’s sporting for the day.

Oh yeah, and while she might kill me for saying this, she’s always getting “wedgies” cuz she’s so physically active and many of her undies are thin with edging that bothers her when she moves around.

Underdoodles organic cotton briefs are thick and wide creating a “wedgie-free” wild woman outta my kid! Made in Canada, Underdoodles are made for boys and girls with dinosaurs, planets, musical instruments, and under-the-sea designs. But honestly, my favorite part is that they come in super cute camping, travel or sleepover bags, which are sewn closed down the middle and on either side it states, “DIRTY,” or “CLEAN.” 

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