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Eco-Friendly Rocker Options for Soothing Baby to Sleep

Happy Monday!

A comfortable rocking chair or glider is a must for every new mama, a cozy seat to feed and rock her babe. For late-night feedings, trying to get the little one to sleep or reading a story. And they come in handy well into toddlerhood as a place for kiddos to climb into your lap and cozy up for a yummy bonding session.

If your baby is fussy or colicky the gentle rocking or bouncing motion works wonders to soothe.

Ok, so now we know a rocker is a nursery necessity, but what kind to get?

A classic wooden one, reminiscent of The Waltons? Or a more contemporary, comfy, padded rocking chair or glider with an ottoman? Let’s look at some eco friendly options so you and your baby can just sit back, relax, and ROCK OUT! (get it?)

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