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Who’s Your Daddy? Bonding with Baby Is Not Just for Mama Anymore!

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This week, the topic comes from a reader (Yay! Send me your questions ladies!).

What are some good ways to include daddy in bonding if I am solely breastfeeding?

bond·ing  n. a. The formation of a close human relationship

Bonding is a process, and it doesn’t necessarily have to happen within a certain time frame after birth. For many parents, bonding is a result of everyday care giving.

For nursing mothers, we already have a leg up. When a baby suckles, the mother's neurons respond by putting out the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love drug. Men just can’t compete with that, leaving many fathers feeling distanced and irrelevant.

But fathers are very important to their babies, and they can and should play an important role in nurturing their breastfed babies. Since the early weeks of parenthood are filled with learning what a new baby likes and dislikes, both parents can learn together. Here are some ideas.

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Cord Blood. No, It’s Not a New Vampire Movie…


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As a new parent, we have a ton of choices to make. Find out the sex? Have a home birth or hospital one?  Vaccinate or not? Well, there is another decision to add to the mix that may not even be on our radar.

Should we store our baby's umbilical cord blood? I’m going to give you the lowdown on what it is exactly, and what your options are.

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The Amber Necklace

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Have you ever seen a yummy little baby with an amber necklace on?

Well, it turns out those teeny pieces of jewelry are more than just good-looking; they’re actually used to help relieve little ones from teething pain!

Amber is as old as time itself, dating back millions of years. And yet, it is still believed in today and used for its healing power for treating joint pain, arthritic ailments, and even teething pain for children.

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The Best Eco Baby Gear? Used!

The amount of baby gear available these days is astounding, and ranges in price from affordable to crazily exorbitant. There are also a ton of opinions on what, and how much of it, your new baby needs. Wherever you weigh in on this topic, this gear can get pretty pricy, only gets used for a couple of years at the most, and then either ends up in a landfill or occupying valuable real estate in your garage.

Luckily, there are many places to find gently used or even new gear and clothes at a fraction of the cost, as well as sell your own babe’s outgrown treasures, and maybe make a little cash for the next go round!

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The Meal Tree: The Ultimate Baby Gift!

Making food for new parents is one of the greatest gifts one can give. No outfit, no matter how adorable, will matter as much a ready-made meal that parents do not have to think about!

A Meal Tree is a network of friends and family members who volunteer to bring one dinner dish after the baby is born. The longer the list of friends and family members, the longer the new family will have meals. This gives families time to relax, bond and adjust to life with their new baby.

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The Pacifier: To Suck or Not to Suck?

Paci, papper, binky, nuk-nuk, dummy.  Whatever you or your baby calls it, these little pieces of rubber can be a source of intense debate among parents. And there is usually a very distinct line drawn in the sand between the two camps. Before babe, while pregnant, and with a newborn, I was of the camp that was inexplicably, abhorrently against it.  Then it began to dawn on me that my little bird had no way to soothe himself aside from me, and my ever-present boobs. So I tried a pacifier quite late in the game. HA! The distance across the room that he immediately spat it was astounding.  No luck either, with thumb sucking, a teddy, a blankie, or anything else that could stand in for Mama when Birdie was/is upset. That’s my story. So where’s my camp now? We’ll see when I get pregnant again what side of the line I stand on, or if I just go and erase it altogether! I mean, it’s just sand. Right?


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Sleep with Your Baby! A (Passionate) Argument for Co-Sleeping 

Co-sleeping, or the family bed, by definition is exactly what it sounds like it might be: sleeping together as a family in one bed -- mom, dad and children. 

There is nothing like sleeping with a baby. The yummy smell, the teeny smooshiness, the ease of rolling over to nurse or feed in the night, the bond it creates for the family, and the sweet face first thing in the morning. Over half the world's population sleeps with their baby. So why, in this country, do more people not do it??


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Less Is More When It Comes to Choosing Baby's Layette

I was asked recently by a client what were the basic clothes she needed for her soon-to-be addition.  She wasn’t buying into the whole “must have” thing that is attached to essentially EVERYTHNG for baby that you see in stores or magazines these days. I agree! When I was pregnant, I went to a great pre-natal yoga class and the teacher told us that our babies don’t need all of the stuff we’re told we should have before they arrive, they really just need US.

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