HypnoBirthing: Effective Techniques to Release Stress, Fear and Pain in Pregnancy & Labor 

by Carol Yeh-Garner

HypnoBirthing is gaining popularity with women wanting to birth their babies in a calmer, more gentle way. The classes are intense (usually taught in five 2 ½ hour classes) & cover everything from the physiological reasons for pain in labor, the historical basis for pain in labor, myths about hypnosis (you’re not under someone else’s control), and most importantly, techniques to help you get deeply relaxed so your body can do what it’s naturally capable of doing. HypnoBirthing is more than a chilcbirth education class. It allows you to learn life-skills. It’s also about DE-hypnotizing you about the idea that birth has to be painful & excruciating.


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Do You Really Need an Organic Mattress?












My name is Melanie Monroe, owner of Ecobaby Planning + Concierge. Like a wedding planner advises the bride, I help busy moms and families so they can relax and focus on what’s really important: peace of mind, their new arrival, and the sweet ride ahead.

I help parents wade through the wealth of information available on raising a baby today in a way that benefits the family, the baby, and the planet, so you can welcome your new babe into the world in the most beautiful, sustainable way possible. I do not consider myself eco-exclusive, but eco-conscious and eco-savvy! I’m thrilled to be blogging for Bamboo Magazine, where every week I will discuss all things eco-baby and answer your questions!

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Toxic Chemicals Have a New Foe: Pediatricians

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a new policy statement calling for stricter regulation of toxic chemicals, citing that the Toxic Substances Control Act does far too little to keep children and pregnant women safe.

This is an important step in the fight against toxic chemicals in our food, household items and in the products we use daily... but the battle is far from over. With the AAP backing up stricter chemical regulation, it brings mainstream awareness to the issue and further proves that non-toxic is the way to go for our families. 

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Fig Jam Tart from Under the Tuscan Gun

Bamboo friend Debi Mazar shared an awesome recipe with us! Check out her blog Under the Tuscan Gun at www.underthetuscangun.com



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