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Less Is More When It Comes to Choosing Baby's Layette

I was asked recently by a client what were the basic clothes she needed for her soon-to-be addition.  She wasn’t buying into the whole “must have” thing that is attached to essentially EVERYTHNG for baby that you see in stores or magazines these days. I agree! When I was pregnant, I went to a great pre-natal yoga class and the teacher told us that our babies don’t need all of the stuff we’re told we should have before they arrive, they really just need US.

That resonated with me. We live in a super consumer society. I myself am guilty of practicing a little retail therapy when I can, and I do covet pretty things for myself, or my home. But the amazing array of gadgets and gear and supplies that we are told is imperative for our new little babe, at such a vulnerable time, is kind of gross.

So, I will step off my soapbox, and get to it. What is a basic layette?

Definition: lay·ette/lāˈet/ Noun: A set of clothing for a newborn child. 

8-10 Bodysuits or Onesies (wide head openings and loose legs)

4-8 Sleepers or one-piece pajamas with feet (ones with zippers are easy peasy for wriggling little munchkins)

4-8 Sleep sacks (these are awesome for middle of the night diaper changes)

2 Blanket sleepers

1-3 Rompers or other “real clothes”

4-7 Socks or Booties (shoes are so cute, but really unnecessary until baby walks)

2 hats (broad-brimmed for summer baby, soft cap that covers ears for winter baby)

12-24 Cloth Diapers if that’s the route you’re going. A one size, all in one will give you the most bang for your buck, as you do not have to purchase different sizes (you can register for these along with everything else).

When babes get a little bit bigger, booties from Zutano are great, as they’re soft, washable, and they have a snap around the ankle so they cannot be kicked off!

For whatever reason, people love to buy bibs. I had what seemed like 100, and maybe used 1 or 2. You’ll be amazed at how many you receive.

Infants grow quickly though baby will be tiny upon arrival, newborn sizes will soon be too small. It’s good to opt for slightly larger sizes, but you do need some 0-3 things! A friend of mine was told so often to get 3-6 month sizes; she had only 2 newborn onesies right before baby arrived! Once baby is here, you’ll have a better idea of what sizes and styles work best. Choose soft and comfortable materials, fasteners that close easily, and finished seams. Check for snaps, buttons and tags that might scratch.

If you’re building a registry, a great place to do it is MyRegistry.com. You can create a custom list of items from literally anywhere on the web! You’re no longer confined to one store for all you need or want.

Happy shopping!

Leave a comment here with any ideas for your ultimate Layette, or any new question, I’ll do my best to answer it, or check back next week when we’ll be talking about yet another Eco Baby hot topic!

Xo Melanie


photo: db-sewing-designs.com