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Diaper Delivery: Have It Your Way!  



For some Mamas choosing to use cloth diapers for their new little bundle, sorting through the many styles, brands, and techniques can be a bit overwhelming. I mean, there’s a reason people offer cloth diaper clinics!

So how to swathe that little bum in soft cotton without getting a Ph.D. in Diapering? A Diaper Service!

Every service may work a bit differently, but basically, a diaper service is exactly what it sounds like. Cloth diapers are delivered to your door weekly, you use them, throw them in a special hamper they provide, someone comes to pick them up, and in turn, leaves a stack of fresh, nice smelling diapers for you to start all over again.

Basically you’re renting sized, reusable diapers, and someone else is doing the laundry! Diaper services use uber-strong laundering practices and super high temperature drying with professional equipment that eliminates bacteria. You just can’t get that at home with the old Maytag.

Prices for this incredible service across the country, range from $11-$50 a week. The price is based on the number of diapers needed, as well as what type of diaper you want. The most basic and economical option is a prefold, an old-school, cotton rectangle folded 3 times lengthwise that you put on your babe with closures or inside a diaper cover that closes with Velcro or snaps. The higher price comes with the All-in-One types (the most convenient and disposable-like). Most companies even offer discounts for multiple babies, registries, and gift certificates!

So if you’re leaning towards cloth, but were feeling a bit unsure, curb the confusion and chaos, and just let someone else do it. Maybe with all of the time you save not laundering those diapers, you can take a bath… Ha!

Click here to locate a diaper service near you.

Xo Melanie



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If you are overwhelmed by the numerous choices when it comes to cloth diapering, find a local diaper consultant in your area that will do a personal consultation and bring examples for you to see and feel for FREE! There are consultants for Diaper Parties by Everything Birth all over the country. Go to www.diaperparties.com to find one near you or email me and I can help. Cloth diapering is easy and doesn't take as much time as you think.
Nov 18, 2011 at 12:31 PM | Unregistered CommenterChristy Reed

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