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The Best Eco Baby Gear? Used!

The amount of baby gear available these days is astounding, and ranges in price from affordable to crazily exorbitant. There are also a ton of opinions on what, and how much of it, your new baby needs. Wherever you weigh in on this topic, this gear can get pretty pricy, only gets used for a couple of years at the most, and then either ends up in a landfill or occupying valuable real estate in your garage.

Luckily, there are many places to find gently used or even new gear and clothes at a fraction of the cost, as well as sell your own babe’s outgrown treasures, and maybe make a little cash for the next go round!




Looking for designer gear? Try ReCrib! Here you can buy big name baby gear at 40-60% off retail prices, and then sell it back for a respectable sum when your baby has outgrown it. It’s essentially a top quality, online consignment store.

You search by zip code and most local listings are delivery or pick up, or you can connect with sellers to see if they’re willing to ship their items. I saw a Bugaboo stroller that retails for over $1000 on Amazon, and you can pick it up for $500 if you live in Manhattan!




For $5 + 10.95 shipping, you can browse and purchase boxes of clothes put together by size and gender. ThredUp was created in 2009; with the motto Clothes don’t grow. Kids do. “Because no great solution existed to swap outgrown clothes, for clothes that fit.”

You can also post your own box of preloved clothes your child no longer wears. When another member picks your box, you send it 100% free of charge. They provide the boxes, the postage, and even schedule the pick-up.



Recycled Tyke

Find gear, clothing, and even maternity on this free marketplace for eco-savvy moms and their families.

Swap Baby Goods

Have a pair of shoes that your little one has grown out of and need the next size up? At Swap Baby Goods, not only can you buy and sell, you can also put in a swap wish list. So when you list those size 4’s, you can try to swap them for a pair of 5’s!

Trading Cradles

Buy local! This site suggests browsing locally for your goods, and then contacting the seller to work out the details. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your own area, try some other cities, and ask for shipping.


Zwaggle is a national network of parents who have come together to share. No money actually exchanges hands on this marketplace. You earn points called “zoints” for joining, posting goods, or purchase them outright on the site, which is good for new parents without stuff to list just yet. Why zoints instead of cash? “Zwaggle is about the community not the profit. Using Zoints instead of cash eliminates the potential for Zwaggle members to profit off one another. The goal of Zwaggle is to provide for families at the least cost possible.” You can even donate your zoints to charity if you’d like!

If you still are looking for that “must have” item, try the old stand-bys:



And of course, the old school Garage Sale (where you can always haggle)!


As for items that should or shouldn’t be bought used, I say, every situation is different. They say never get a used car seat as it may have been in an accident, but if you know where it’s coming from and can confirm the safety of it, go for it (we did)! They say the same about cribs and recalls, again, use your best judgment, and make sure you have all of the parts you need. There is a lot of gear out there to be re used, so take advantage. You’ll be doing something great for your family as well as Mother Earth!


To get one of your own adorable Recycle onesie like the ones in the photo, go to Etsy and check out Ana Apple Desgns!

 As always, if you have your own Ecobaby questions, email me and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Xo Melanie




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